Carl Lostritto
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Scripting Animation, Toward the Capture of Computational Topologies and Articulation of Change
Relationships are amplified and collapsed together as animate surfaces in the formal and spatial manifestation of design parameters. Animation is demonstrated as a medium to express topologies, as each frame is the resultant of a programmed serious of computations, the result of which varies with a parameter: effectively, time. Related conditions are parameterized through the design of algorithms as a means of direct translation into animation. Interrelated forces and limits can conversely congeal into statics with animate qualities. Process and product merge to create a language of phenomenological effects and patterns. While animation is exploited to represent parametric relationships there is a maintained awareness of time and space. The systemization and codification of design “problems” simultaneously facilitates functional, solution-driven architecture. The output is characterized by complex, performative, and specific solutions uniquely relevant to emerging models for fabrication and construction. Usage requirements and site conditions carry the weight of information-based contexts and experience-based symbols as fuel for the inherently cyclical process.
by Carl Lostritto in "Between Man and Machine, Integration/ Intuition / Intelligence" CAADRIA 2009 Proceedings of The Fourteenth Conference on Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia. Edited by Chang et. al.