Carl Lostritto
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Drawn Animations
Architectural representation is almost always static. Drawing by hand with tactile tools is for many architects the ripest territory for thinking. A printed, plotted or otherwise digitally “output” drawing can't engender the same creative behavior. For hundreds of years it has been possible (if not trivially convenient) to mass-re-produce drawings. Only in relatively recent times, however, has digital output become so fast, ubiquitous and complex that the act of committing a design to paper has become a thoughtless and meaningless task. I explore the notion of the durational present–that the moment of perception, our concept of “now” is a period of time rather than a point in time. I produced what I call “drawn animations,” artifacts of a computational process that take place over time. Testing to Failure is available on Amazon
By Carl Lostritto in "Testing to Failure." Sarah M. Hirschman, Editor. SA+P Press. 2011. Page 372, cover art