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Rendering Drawing
Rendering with digital modeling software is now standardized to the extent that it can signify a degree of completion, resolution and digital prowess. Rendered content is easily overshadowed by the cultural implications of rendering. Ironically, what was once a territory in which the “hand of the author” could manifest prevalently, is now serving as a kind of convention, replete with broad disciplinary consistency. This render-as-proof paradigm is unfortunate. Images can express meaning, but only if they don't all look the same. Fortunately, this trend can be subverted without resorting to willed technophobic ignorance. One tactic for ensuring that rendering remains a topic of discourse — something to be considered rather than to be taken for granted – involves deploying it in a seemingly improper manner... This short essay can be read in full in the August 2012 issue of CLOG, which can be purchased online at
"Rendering Drawing" in Rendering, CLOG, August 2012. Kyle May, Editor.