Carl Lostritto
Drawing Database

The Definition, Necessity, and Potential of Drawing Computation
Drawing and computation are both loaded and open terms. Separately, they're hard to leverage toward new ideas for design–let alone define in a robust and accurate, and universally acceptable manner–but together, they offer new insights and research paradigms. This essay explores the implications resultant from a consideration of computing and drawing together. The conceptual arguments are presented along side a computing drawing project, which entails the activation of a vintage pen-plotter. In this project, the pen plotter is controlled directly with the Python programming language. The drawings produced are distinct from the image-heavy culture of digital design media. Scale and time manifest differently than what tends to result when representation is filtered through the domain of a computer screen or a printer. With and around these drawings, a critique is offered of the prevalence of the digital model and the fixation on “tool-making” in computational design discourse. This article (and the entire special issue) can be downloaded at and in Turkish via
"The Definition, Necessity, and Potential of Drawing Computation" in Computational Design, DOSYA Issue 29. Onur Yuce Gun, Editor