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Manual Computation
These posts archive beginning and ending exercises, which bracket a project executed by the students in the Spring 2010 Computer Applications in Architecture course I taught at UMD. Computation at it's most fundamental levels (without computers) isolates the direct affects of an explicitly parametric methodology on design. In creating a "student as computer" paradigm, I intended to expose otherwise latent issues of heuristics, craft, randomness, fineness and indirection. This project operates in contradiction to the presumtive association of digital media with Zeitgeist phenomenon. In the establishment of a trajectory toward architecture, this project tasks students with identifying effects, qualities or conditions that can withstand translation between media and can perform in response to aesthetic, environmental and programatic parameters. Students each produced a digital and physical model after the initial drawing exercise. At the start, students are presented with three algorithms.
published in:
Computation Without Computers by Carl Lostritto in "CAAD | Cities | Sustainability" 5th Int'l Conference of the Arab Society for Computer Aided Architectural Design (ASCAAD) 2010
Michele Rubenstein's physical model.