Carl Lostritto
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Type Space
In the Fall 2009 semester of "Introduction to Digital Media" I designed this project using transformation as the primary device for introducing digital modeling. The role of type here is not superficial: Type is uniquely relevant however, with both literal, metaphoric and historic connections to architectural and digital discourse. In the first portion of this project students systematically document the graphic form and space of a specific typeface.
Since this class is about design process students design and document a process for implementing software. The early stages of developing a comfort level with software are the most difficult times for students to operate conceptually and creatively. Because algorithms are, by definition, neutral to software or content they enable an academic approach to technical learning. Above: Sandra Schwartz, Weaving Algorithm
Students are required to document the process of transforming 2-d content into 3-d form (foreshadowing the translation of type to space). Above: Jessica Choi, Surface Algorithms
The final phase of this project tasks students with implementing the algorithms with a conceptual approach to relating graphic space to architectural space. Above: Christopher Beck, Subtractive Space
Sandra Schwartz uses the rhythmically gestural lines of a typeface to trace spatial boundaries