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Lattice Diffusion
Also known as "lattice gasses," this type of algorithm simulates the behavior of gas and liquid molecules in space. Computing the behavior of a mass, as opposed to calculating the state of individual particles, is strategic from a mathematical modeling perspective. (In fact, the best demonstration and discussion of lattice gas algorithms can be found in Neil Gershenfeld's book, "The Nature of Mathematical Modeling") But from a creative perspective–the perspective I hope to elucidate with this work–this technique suggests a marriage between geometry, computation and drawing. When adapted for three dimensions, these algorithms are like a spatial abacus: the data structure is itself formal and the geometry is itself logically operable. Diffusion is far from a method for generating form, however. Instead, these algorithms were harnessed in the production of diffusing drawings: produced directly by coding instructions into a pen plotter. This work is a subset of a larger project, "Computing/Drawing With a Vintage Pen Plotter." The in-progress database of that project is online.
published in:
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