Carl Lostritto
Drawing Database

Threads, Fur, Fabric
The nature of a field of strands allows direct focus on some topics that had been latent in my work and mind for some time. First, representing the individual behavior of agents in swarm (aka "flocking") algorithms, which are usually only perceived in terms of emergent behavior. (These agents update velocity based on the goal of separation, alignment and cohesion with their neighbors, as published by Craig Reynolds). Second, the exploring the connections between computation and drawing though animation and perspective project. Third, testing the capacity for agent-based algorithms to generate spatial/material/formal effects
an experiment threading through some type using a combination of deconstructed source geometry and randomized trig functions
A continued exploration of fur-like forms and the aesthetics of variation resulting from indirectly linked parameters.
An orthographic projection introduces another degree of ambiguity between graphic and scene.