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LeWitt's Drawing 46 Version 2.0
The original "Wall Drawing 46” is constituted by its author, Sol LeWitt, with a single statement: "Vertical lines, not straight, not touching, covering the wall evenly." LeWitt’s proto-algorithmic description was then executed by humans, but these new drawings are computed in the Python programming language and drawn with a vintage pen plotter. Here, the lines are horizontal, rather than vertical. "Not straight" and "covering" are interpreted variably, with corresponding parameters adjusting slightly from drawing to drawing. An added set of vertical lines connect adjacent segments with density varying slightly from drawing to drawing. The drawings were produced in order from left to right using three pens per drawing. Each pen was replaced after its ink was depleted.
Lines generated based on the original LeWitt rules. "Vertical" is interpreted with varying degrees of strictness.
Original LeWitt lines (black) connected by new lines (red).
All 26 drawings from the series positioned in order of their making
These drawings were part of an exhibit at the University of Maryland titled, "Parameters of Time: Computing & Drawing Slowly"