Carl Lostritto
Drawing Database

Spherically Projected Rooms
These drawings represent rooms using spherical projection and a system of hatching. Each line on paper is informed by its position in (3-D) space and position on (2-D) paper. Hatches are computed first (Rhino Python) based on distance to camera and surface orientation, projected to a position on paper, occlusions resolved using a binary space partitioning tree algorithm (well-documented in Graphics Gems V) and finally lines are trimmed (Python with Shapely Library) and plotted (Python with Chiplotle Library).
published in:
Computational Hatching March 2016 issue of the Journal of Architectural Education (Volume 70, issue 1)
Drawing DB-001-012: Room C1 Blue Hatched. This drawing was exhibited at the 2015 RISD Faculty Biennial
Drawing DB-003-002: Room Inside a Historic Italian Modern Work of Architecture
Drawing DB-002-004: Piles of Blocks at a Perimeter
Drawing DB-002-004 in progress. Hatch lines have been generated on surfaces.
Drawing DB-002-004 in progress. Hatch lines have been projected to spherical surface prior to "unrolling" surface into the paper plane
These drawings and process were part of the RISD tool() forum exhibit.
Annotated code exhibited as part of RISD tool() forum