Carl Lostritto
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Thick Picture Plane
Here's proof that it's possible to be flat and deep at the same time. Given Empson's definitions and typologies of ambiguity in literature, this project seeks to define, using the same qualifiers, a spatial ambiguity of the "seventh" type. Empson describes this type as follows in The Seven Types of Ambiguity: "An example of the seventh type of ambiguity, or at any rate of the last type of this series, as it is the most ambiguous that can be conceived, occurs when the two meanings of the word, the two values of the ambiguity, are the two opposite meanings defined by the context, so that the total effect is to show a fundamental division in the writer's mind." Here the conflicting meanings become conflicting perceptions of space, an understood flatness and an understood inhabitable depth. Light, sound, and camera parameters play secondary roles inhibiting singular readings.
shifted off the privileged view, slightly's very much not flat...