Under Pink
Method BB uses 2-D Bezier curves with two layers of hierarchy. Major curves are set with respect to compositional agendas. Minor curves are interpolated between major curves. Lines are drawn based on curve geometry at points along each curve. In set BB-001 each curve is divided evenly. At each division point rectangles are generated based on the position and local curvature. Each rectangle is assigned an incremented depth value as though it were recessed into the page slightly higher than the previous rectangle. Lower rectangles are occluded by earlier and higher rectangles. In run 004, the lines of the rectangle are drawn so as to not quite meet at the comers. Occluded lines are not drawn except for a momentary, contact point with the paper at each end point. A worn black pen was used for the lines and initial points. The large size–and duration–of this drawing lead to the pen's complete deterioration over its course. The paper was re-loaded and the points drawn again with a magenta pen.