Black Circles Dominate Blue Non-Circles that are Almost Circular
Method BE is inspired by Spirograph drawing toys, which are plastic devices in which a plastic gears are manually rotated within a plastic ring, which is also lined on its interior with gear teeth. Gears of various sizes and with pen holes at different locations yield a large set of possible geometries as they are deployed. In a digital environment, similar constraints are applied to create a drawing, but these constraints are variable, and geometry other than a traced point is used to create a drawing. In series BE-006, a circle corresponding to the “gear” circumference is drawn at each step. Similar to the Spirograph apparatus, a point is also generated at each step based on the gear position and orientation. These points are then connected by a polyline. In contrast to the physical constraints of a Spirograph, this point lies outside of the gear area. In run BE-006-06, a worn back pen is used to draw the gear circumference geometry and a worn blue pen draws the connected points.