Walking From Green to Blue
Method 'D' involves algorithms that treat the paper as space and ink as object. "Line" remains open to interpretation. In series D-002, marks are made by a particle "walking" in a random but generally curving path within a boundary on the page. The invisible particle leaves a dashed trail, which it is never allowed to make contact with. If the particle is nearing collision with its tail, its angular acceleration increases–it steers out of the way. The gaps between the dashes are openings, where the particle may move through. Over the course of the drawing, the particle speed decreases, (causing the curves to be tighter and smoother) the proportion of dash to gap decreases. Run 007 adds the variable of a second ink color to further emphasize the axis of time in the making of the drawing. Later marks have an increasing likelihood of being made with the blue, as opposed to green, pen. Also, run 007 uses a circular boundary frame and the start speed is slower relative to previous runs.