Long Ago a Rectangle; Drawn With a Failing Pen
Method G involves deploying a lattice to represent the space of the drawing. At each lattice point, six bits are stored. These bits are translated into parameters that define a single pen stroke in the drawing. On the algorithmic temporal axis, time zero, the initial state, is composed. Then, in discrete steps forward in time, the bits shift each of six directions based on simple rules designed to simulate fluid diffusion. Series 002 uses a 450-unit wide by 200-unit high triangular lattice. These bits will be collectively referenced to compute the angle and length of each stroke on paper. The initial state is composed as a rectangle. With 681 time steps occurring before this drawing, the “rectangle”--now only a memory of a seemingly arbitrary state--has dissolved. This step was chosen for drawing because of its in-between nature: in a few more steps, the figural areas will appear completely coincidental–barely legible areas of similar stroke types in loose clusters amongst noise.