Gasoline Reservoir
Method IC involves using a digital simulation of a physical drawing apparatus. The digital simulation mixes forces and geometries that would be impossible to manifest in reality. A line is modeled between an anchored point on a path curve and a point in space, which is subject to gravity-like force. The modeled line exerts spring-like force onto the point in space, which is traced to produce a drawing. Various other artifacts exert forces on the point, which cause it to move, along with gravity and the spring force. Over the course of the drawing, the anchor point moves along the path curve. In series IC-004, the path curve is a straight densely coiling line that fills a circle. Points spread throughout the composition exert weak repulsion forces on the drawing point. Run IC-004-004 is the results of two overlaid simulation layers, each with slightly adjusted spring forces. The anchor point moves along the path with enough speed to keep the drawn point lagging behind, despite the tendency for a pendulum effect. Near the center, the forces calm and the modeled line flips to the other side of the path. One layer is drawn with a green pen. The second layer is drawn with purple pen.